Paris + Revival

Waking up at 3am, I was moved to pray. To pray for family, friends, students, the Church, the world.

To pray for the heartache in Paris. To grieve with them.

& to pray for revival there.

I've been looking at the pictures, reading the news, and hearing the first-hand stories. I cried on behalf of this tragedy and on behalf of the families who are grieving. I cried because evil is so awful. I cried because the world needs hope.

There is so much grieving, loss, fear, heartache, questioning that comes with tragedy, especially when it is brought on by the acts of other heartless humans. We will never, ever be able to understand why such things happen in this world, why evil can still exist, why anger-to-violence seems justifiable, but there is something greater we can do in the midst of such events.

We must mourn with those who mourn. And we can pray for revival.

European churches have been empty for decades, and the Cathedrals of old are merely enchanting museums.

It is time for the Spirit of God to be poured out in Europe once again.

@BethelMusic : "We will not be shaken..."

@BethelMusic : "We will not be shaken..."

The solidarity that is being expressed globally on behalf of France is stunning. Leaders become allies, monuments around the world project the French flag, everyone is urging everyone to pray. There are pictures of hundreds of people lined up in Paris to donate blood at hospitals—not even 24 hours after the horrific events had occurred. There is a rally cry to shout and a battle song to be sung, and the world is watching.

Let us pray, in the Name and Power of Jesus, for a Spirit-centered, Spirit-freeing, and Spirit-led revival in the country of France and beyond.

Pray for Hillsong Church in Paris. Pray for Catholic Churches in Paris. Get on your knees now and pray in the Spirit—the deep-calls-to-deep, spirit-to-Spirit prayers—that there might be a global shift in the heavenly realm, and that the evil that lurks would be pushed back and cancelled. Let your heart break the way God's heart does--ask Him to show you how much He hates fear and terror. In that place, pray for families, friends, churches, in Paris and beyond. Pray that the churches in Paris be places of refuge, shelter, hope, and love.

Joseph spoke to his brothers, who had betrayed him, when they came to Egypt and Joseph was the second-in-command in Egypt. He said to them,

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” –gen.50.20

Only our God can take tragedy and turn it around to bring people back to Him, the Only One who truly gives Life.

Join me in praying for those whose hearts are broken--in Paris and around the world--for God's peace to reign, and for full-on revival in France and in Europe.

Paris, 2008. On a bike tour with roommate, Mallory, on our Euro-backpacking trip after graduating college. Our hearts are with you, Paris.

Paris, 2008. On a bike tour with roommate, Mallory, on our Euro-backpacking trip after graduating college. Our hearts are with you, Paris.