Permission: Ladies Night

Ladies Night. Pumpkin Cookie Butter from TJs, “chocolate” carob vegan crisps, hummus and pita chips, homemade cookies, pretzels, wine and LaCroix fizzy sodas. A book to fall in love with and conversations to poke and prod us in the ways we need it most. We discussed food, stretchy pants, marriage, setting boundaries, taking on too much, terrible fashion mistakes, and kids (though my little bun is still in the oven… I usually try to compare friends’ kid stories to the love I have for my first-born son—ahem—dog and share from that very vulnerable place). The conversation shifted a bit when we came to the realization that all of us struggled in some way with this one concept: permission. The question was raised, What is it that you are asking permission for in your life?

One of the girls remarked, Everything! I have to ask permission to do anything and everything. I feel like I’m drowning because of all that I have going on.

Another chimed in, I can’t even do what I want to do because I have allowed too many other things to be present in my life. I feel trapped by the things that I have to do and by my kids at home. (Again, I empathize because I understand that having a furry child is so difficult… )

My own alarms went off. The only thing that is stopping you from doing what you sense you are called to do is you.

How did I get to this place? At what point did I allow screens and to-do lists and the pressures of perfection and the excuses of laziness and the worries of the day to determine what I would and would not accomplish in a given day?

This month I will be writing on what it means to allow myself—and yourself—to be and do the very thing you sense in your guts to do.

It’s time to give yourself permission to be who it is that God has enabled and empowered and equipped you to be and do. The dreams that He has placed with in you are there for a reason and it is NOT His desire that you allow those dreams to fall by the wayside. They make take years to come to fruition, but the time to pray into those visions is now. They are the “talents” that you have been entrusted with—will you lean into fear and bury them? Or will you invest in them and watch God bless the investment with a return that only HE is capable of?

I had a beautiful conversation with a group of women from my church family, Rockharbor Mission Viejo, in which we shared those things that we sense He has placed within us to accomplish. The women shared—and let me tell you it was so powerful to hear them speak those things into the air, into existence, and to let us in on what God was up to within their hearts.

One woman deeply believes her family—someday—is going to move somewhere in Africa to be missionaries.

Another woman who is a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern has a dream to open and women’s mental health clinic.

Another woman wants to open up a business for the products to be sold that are made from sex-trafficking victims.

Two other women are in the waiting period—the wait, seek, pray, rest period—and are leaning in to what they know the Lord is waiting to reveal to them in His time.

It’s incredible what God is capable of when we give ourselves permission to act out on the dreams He has put on our hearts.

What is “the thing” for you? What is it you know He is stirring in you to accomplish and dream for the Kingdom (ahem—and not for your glory but for HIS)?


Write it down. Speak it out. Share it. Dig into the book of Nehemiah. Spend time with the Father—only He is capable of accomplishing what He has put in your heart.